Pig dream, pig dream, white pig dream, pig dream, lotto, pig dream, conception dream

Pig dream, pig dream, white pig dream, pig dream, lotto, pig dream, conception dream

I often buy lotto after dreaming of a pig. In fact, many lotto winners had a dream before buying the lottery. So, what is the relationship between dream and reality? Can good things happen in reality if I have a good dream?

In ancient times, dreams were considered important because they were considered an important source of divine will. It was used to determine important national issues, such as the outbreak of war, or to predict the future of individuals, and various stories and records related to dreams still exist.

There is a famous legend related to dreams in Korea. Moon-hee, the younger sister of General Kim Yu-shin during the Silla period, bought her sister Bo-hee’s dream and met Kim Chun-cheol, married Kim Chun-cheol, and ascended the throne. The content is “I went to the mountain to pee, and the whole city became a sea of water,” but Moon-hee occupies a high position, whether it is a strange dream power or a coincidence power. I think Tai Meng and Jie Meng are still very popular with the public because of these interesting dream stories.

In modern times, dreams are an imaginary image and a view close to unconsciousness is emerging. A typical example is Sigmund Freud. In his book “The Interpretation of Dreams,” he said he dreamed “to meet the unmet needs of everyday life.” He sees dreams as the most secret space that reveals ignorance, irrationality, and sexiness. If you think about it, dreams are often intertwined in ridiculous ways. Surrealist painter Salvador Dali was also influenced by Freud to consciously express the world of dreams and fantasies through paintings and leave behind works that were not seen at the time.

Previously, Freud said that dreams that are not revealed in everyday life are solved through dreams, specifically by combining unconscious impulses, environmental factors at the time, events on the previous day, and physical experiences during sleep at night. A dream. A true dream is a world that reveals one’s inner self, and can unconsciously interpret one’s original desires.

돼지꿈 In addition to Freud’s theory, one of the most plausible hypotheses is the “purification” function. It is to relieve the emotional pressure experienced in reality through dreams, organize what you have learned, and store it for a long time. It has been suggested that dreams are part of night work that integrates learning and memory.

There are many theories about the reason for this dream, but there is no clear reason yet, and scientific verification is needed.

If dreams are the purification of desires or consciousness that are not expressed in the real world, it will be difficult to see good things happen in reality if you have a good dream.

Nevertheless, the story of Mogae buying the lottery with the number of his ancestors he saw in his dream and winning the lottery leads to a legend with the rare masterpiece “Yesterday,” written by Beatles member Paul McCartney in his melody. I heard it in his dream. There is also a famous anecdote that he made.

Good dreams don’t always come with good things, but sometimes dreams can solve problems without thinking and become lucky characters.

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